5 Ways Recruiters Find Candidates

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Recruiters usually succeed even if their applicant tracking systems (ATS) fail. ATS stores job candidates and go through every resume based on the desired skills to ensure that there are no judgement calls are made about a candidate. Applicant tracking systems like any other systems have errors a reason that makes recruiters not to rely solely on applicant tracking systems. Instead, they use a variety of outsourcing techniques to get strong candidates for a job. As a prospective future job seeker, you should make sure that you compare your resume against the description given about the job you are applying for online. However, understanding other ways that are used by employers to search for employees can help while conducting job search beyond relying upon and applying for the advertised jobs.

Types Of Recruiters

There are two types of recruiters; internal and agency. Both agency and internal recruiters fulfill staffing needs but they differ on whom they are recruiting for. Agency recruiters work from a firm and they specialize in a specific industry that they are looking candidates for. For example, they can be specialized in an industry like technology or marketing but they recruit candidates for different companies within the mentioned fields. On the hand, internal recruiters work only for a single company, providing recruitment support when the company is looking to fill open roles.

Whether recruiters work for a company or an agency, most of them use a combination of the following techniques to find suitable candidates to hire.

Career Sites and Job Boards

Recruiters usually rely on sites such as Dice, CareerBuilder, and Monster, just to mention but a few to find candidates who are not already in their internal applicant tracking system. Contrary to the company ATS, which have resumes of candidates who have applied for internal company jobs, Career sites, and job board databases have millions of candidate’s resumes that cover different fields in an industry, geographical location and experience levels. These sites are gold mines for recruiters when they are searching for candidates to fill. You find that most career sites such as Career builder utilize a passive approach by asking, the user, to attach their resume into their site databases. This phenomenon makes the recruiters be able to access the different candidates resumes when they visit such sites.

If you a career who prefers passive job search, uploading your resume to one of the mentioned career boards is the way to go. If you are not in hurry to land a new job you can leave the role that you are in charge of at your current company for a better opportunity, this is the only way to make sure the opportunity of getting another job is open for you. The bottom line is having your resume attached in these sites databases recruiters can be able to access your resume and give you an equal chance when an opportunity matching your qualification comes by.


LinkedIn is one of the most popular recruiting tools that most recruiters use to find candidates because of its ease of use. This social site makes it easy for recruiters to who have signed up to the site to search for candidates based on their job titles, college or work history. One of the advantages that this site has is that recruiters are able to look for suitable candidates who are impossible to locate because they are not actively looking for a job. To stand a chance of landing a job using this site make sure you update your LinkedIn profile regularly and provide details of your professional qualifications as well as work history on your account. 

Networking Events

While advancement in technology has made both finding jobs and job candidates search, it has not replaced the value that face-to-face networking has. Conferences, job fairs, meet-ups and other networking events in the industry you are in are still some of the best ways to make connections, for both candidates and recruiters. You find that most recruiters attend such kind of event to:

  • Meet various professional in the filed they staff for
  • Learn more about various positions in the field that they hire for
  • Create network with different active job seekers
  • Identify candidates who are actively and strongly engaged for future hiring purposes

It is important for active job seekers to attend such kind of events to create connections with professionals and recruiters in their industry. During such gathering make sure to bring with you plenty copies of your networking resumes and business cards.

Employee Referrals

Recruiters usually love to work with candidates who are referred to them by their employees or candidates whom they have previously worked with. Referral candidates are important and strong because they can be reliable enough to the point that someone is willing to vouch for them. To get more referrals, you find that companies use money incentives for their employees to refer candidates to their healthy networks for the open roles. The moral lessons that job seekers should digest here are that it is more of who you know than what you know. Make sure you tell your family members or friends about the new opportunities you are looking for in case they here of anything.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Finally, it is important to mention that at some point most recruiters in their search usually run keyword searches for suitable candidates in their internal applicant tracking system. ATS parses all resumes uploaded online and then store them safely in the company information database. When recruiters are looking for candidates to fill open roles, they just do keyword searches and then pick the list of the job seekers whose resume contains the keyword. The best way to get high ranking on ATS is to ensure that you make your resume content to closely match the job description you want.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that recruiting is much of an art as much as a science. Most recruiters, whether they work internally for a company or an agency, will engage various sourcing techniques to find the most suitable candidates to fill the open roles. Therefore, understanding how recruiters look for candidates can help you in your job search, speed up the process and increase the chance to find the opportunity you want.

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