Thirteen Qualities that Google Job Candidates Should Have

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Laszlo Bock has greatly helped Google to grow from just three thousand employees to fifty three thousand employees. This was from the time he assumed the position of the head of People Operations (popularly known as HR) in the company back in the year 2006. Currently, the company receives close to two million applications annually from job seekers all over the globe. Unfortunately, it only hires just about four thousand individuals. This gives Google a very low acceptance rate in comparison to either Harvard or Yale.

Qualities sought by Google
It is important to know exactly what the company seeks in job candidates so as to increase your chances of being successful. Laszlo Bock has successively given hints on what the company looks for in job candidates through his book and even in his numerous interviews with students on Google+, Quartz, the Economist and even The New York Times. The main qualities that all job candidates interested in joining Google should have include the following:

Laszlo Bock mentioned in Work Rules that the company is interested in job candidates that display the quality of Googleyness. This quality is characterized by attributes such as enjoying fun, a reasonable extent of intellectual humility, strong conscientiousness and people who find comfort in ambiguity. This is because to internally navigate Google requires one to deal with a significant amount of ambiguity. Furthermore, Googleyness is also characterized by people who display that they have taken some interesting and courageous paths in their life. It is not a box that is neatly defined but it has its trademarks explains Bock.

Role-related knowledge 
This basically means that the candidates should not only be deeply specialized in a single area. Bock writes in Work Rules that the last thing they assess is whether one is actually competent in the job they are applying for. This is because the company believes that individuals who are excellent at providing solutions to certain problems in specific situations are only capable of replicating similar reliable solutions in situations that are unexplored.

A general background is required for one to achieve a state of fresh thinking. Bock mentions that Google extensively assesses expertise in computer for technical roles such as product management or engineering. Nonetheless, the aim of the company is still to hire individuals who possess a general understanding of computer science at an expert level rather than people who are simply specialized in a single field of knowledge.

Emergent leadership 
Bock explained to Max Nisen at Quartz that the company does not concentrate much on experience or expertise as it does on an individual’s learning ability. Emergent leadership is a notion that stipulates that a person should not always be trying to take control. However, the notion allows for an individual to take control only when there is a problem but what is more vital is that a person should be able to recognize when the need for their expertise or the problem goes away so that they can retract.

Cognitive ability
Google is interested in people who have a very high cognitive ability. This is because the company believes that if they hire people who are curious and bright, there is a high likelihood that they will invent and present a new solution to the world. This means that Google recruits for aptitude i.e. the ability to learn new things and to consequently incorporate them.

The above are some of the thirteen qualities that job candidates interested in joining Google should have. Carry out a self-assessment to find out your suitability before sending in that application.

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