9 lessons for job seekers and recruiters that might surprise you

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In a recent survey conducted by Career Builder, they interviewed more than 5000 job aspirants and around 2775 recruitment managers and asked them about the deal breakers which they encounter while seeking a job or while recruiting. All the job aspirants were asked about their expectations while going for the interview of a company; and similarly all the recruitment managers were asked about what they look for in the candidates.

The result of the survey was also quite surprising and exciting. As per Rosemary, VP of HR Department at Career Builder, the expectations of both employer and employee have changed drastically over the years thanks to the rapid advancements of technology. The workplace environment has also undergone a significant change, which has resulted in the change in the behavior and expectations of the employees.

Here are 9 valuable lessons by Career Builder for every job aspirant and hiring manager:
When you go for an interview, you should always be ready to speak with the top level executives of the company. Hence, you should prepare accordingly. It is extremely likely that you will be interviewed by the CEO or the CFO of the company. As per the survey, it has been found that in 38 percent of the organizations, you will have to interview with the CEO, COO or the CFO.

Your online presence is also very important. You have to make sure that there are no controversial posts in your social networking accounts. Most job aspirants generally do not care much about their online reputation, but it is very important. As per the survey, more than 60 percent of the employers use the Web to look for extra information about the candidates. Around half of the employers prefer to use search engines like Google and Yahoo to search the candidates. And around 44 percent of employers will go through your Facebook account and 27 percent of the organizations prefer to use Twitter. Apart from this, many companies will also go through your posts and comments in websites such as Glassdoor and Yelp. And also do not wait for the interview call to clean up your online profiles. Many companies will go through your online accounts even before calling for interview.

Proper etiquette is also a must throughout the entire duration of the interview and after the process as well. After the interview is over, it is very important to send a thank you note to the employer. Sending a thank you note implies that you are really interested about the job and the company. Although it is a standard industry practice, but still many people ignore it and it can lead to higher chances of rejection. More than half of the employers feel that sending thank you note is important and around 25 percent consider it to be extremely important. 15 percent of the employers have even said that they will not recruit candidates who fail to send a thank you note. Hence, this is an extremely important step and you should not skip it. And in case you are not selected for the job, never say bad things about the employer online or to anyone else. It can affect your future interviews.

In this era of smartphones, most candidates uses their phone to look for jobs. As per the survey, more than half of the job aspirants spends at least 3 hours every week on their tablets or smartphones looking for jobs. And if they come across a website which hasn’t been mobile optimized, most of them will leave the page immediately. The reputation of the company also takes a hit.
Hence, those companies who have failed to create a mobile optimized site are missing out on top talents. This is why the jobs of so many companies stay open even after three or four months after posting it.

The reputation of the company also plays a huge role during the recruitment process. As per the survey, it has been found that as many as 68 percent of the candidates will be willing to take a minor pay cut if the interviewer manages to create a good impression of the company during the process. Hence, as an employer, it is very important to explain why your company will be the best place to work for.
Around 68 percent of the job seekers also claimed that they will be willing to take a pay cut if the reviews about the company are good.

As an employer, it is also your job to create an ” employment brand” for your organization. Majority of the candidates apply only to those companies with a good employment brand.

And it is also very important that you acknowledge the receipt of all the job applications and follow up on all the interviewed candidates. In the survey, more than half of the companies admitted that they often don’t send acknowledgement emails to all the job applicants. And most of the candidates also complained that if the companies don’t respond back, they will stop buying their products or using their services. And generally, most applicants also share negative job experiences with their friends or relatives. So the reputation of the company is also at stake.

Nowadays, most employees are also looking for a flexible schedule so that they can have a proper work life balance. More than 70 percent of the applicants said that if the company is not offering a flexible schedule, they won’t apply.

And just like the companies are using the Internet to gather extra information, the job aspirants are also doing the same doing. Around 85% of the candidates use Google to find information about the company. Apart from that, they also visit career sites and job boards to check what everyone has to say about the company.

Apart from that, they also use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to find out about companies. Hence, those companies who do not have a strong social media presence will lose out.

As a recruiter, it is very important to find out how the job applicants rate your recruitment process, so that you can make the necessary improvements.
As a job applicant, is is your duty to properly go through the announcements and social media posts of the company before applying. It will help you to get an idea regarding what the company is exactly looking for.

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